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Dolphin Pool Robot Pool Cleaners

Tips for a Healthy Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

Connect the cable to the power supply, ensuring that the Power Supply is positioned at least 10ft (3m) from the pool's edge. when working the Power Supply should be placed in the shade. Caution - Do not use an extension cable in any case whatsoever.

If the Dolphin is fitted with combined or wonder brushes, gently squeeze the brushes until they are soaked with water.

Release minimal required floating cable length to ensure proper pool coverage. Leave excess cable rolled outside the pool.

After each cleaning cycle take the Dolphin out of the water to prevent accelerated wear on its plastic parts.

After each cleaning cycle, wash the filter bag or cartridge. Clogged filter bags reduce scanning and cleaning efficiency. Once every two months, wash the filter bag in a washing machine, using a regular synthetic cycle.

If your Dolphin is equipped with wonder brushes, rinse them in running water.

For optimal operation, the water - temperature, pH, and chlorine levels should conform to the levels listed below. If any of these levels are different to those listed in the user instructions, please adhere to the levels noted here.

Once a week unplug the cable from the power supply, unwind the tangled portions of the cable, straighten it out and leave it in the sun for several hours.

Store the pool cleaner in a shady place on its Caddy, if not on a Caddy place the pool cleaner upside down.

Enjoy your Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner by Maytronics!